“There’s always music in the air…” #5: ‘Hate Song (version)’ by Fudge Tunnel

Fifth in a continuing series of posts highlighting Lynchian sounds and musics (as defined by The Double R Club and I) that may have flown under the radar of many and which perhaps one might even imagine appearing at The Roadhouse in some future, imaginary episode…

An unexpected track from the band’s otherwise heavy-as-all-get-out debut album Hate Songs In E Minor, this tracks fades up as a kind of low, almost wet sounding buzz, before stumbling into a track that lumbers into a slow, filthy dirge, sounding as if suddenly the whole world has slowed down. Buried vocals whisper sinister among the ponderous bass-heavy guitar and the insistent ride cymbal, before it all simply stops, leaving only that wet buzz again, before the whole monster starts up once more, this time with the addition of what sounds like a slowed roaring sound and barked, reverbed and unintelligible vocals.

It’s like a conjoined twin to ‘The Pink Room’ but on Valium, on heroin, played in treacle, in a hazy dream, it’s music that sounds like the inevitable result of all those beers drank and those cigarettes stamped out under Laura’s feet as the band plays and as she dances, under the influence of more than mere alcohol; it’s what rock and roll sounds like just before the collapse of everything.

As might be gleaned from the addition of the above parenthesised word ‘version’, there is another variant of this track but while it too starts slowly, it’s a much meatier, more traditionally rocky headbanger of a track. As before, I can’t say that the rest of Fudge Tunnel’s output bares any resemblance to this track, but if you like your sounds on the heavier side I can definitely recommend their final album The Complicated Futility Of Ignorance, the drum sounds of which I regularly become borderline obsessed with.


~ by benjaminlouche on November 22, 2018.

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