“A lot of music doesn’t do one thing or another. It just doesn’t do anything. Then there are those pieces of music that thrill your soul. It’s such a wide range, and it’s really interesting that we all love different things.”

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“I’m not a musician, but I love the world of music… I love musicians, they’re a lot like children. They like to sleep late and have fun in life.”

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Here’s to Ben: Dean Stockwell, 1936 – 2021

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“Sound is almost like a drug. It’s so pure that when it goes in your ears, it instantly does something to you…”

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“Play this record loud on big speakers – and crank it so that you can feel it. You gotta feel that thump in your chest.”

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A Figment In The Elsewhere #5: Mr. Blanche DuBois

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“Music deals with abstractions and, like film, it involves time.”

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Josie? Is… is that you…?

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“Depending on how things have been going [in the episode] certain songs feel correct”

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“It’s not just words or music -it’s a whole range of elements coming together and making something that didn’t exist before. It’s telling stories.”

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Hey pretty girls, boys and others, time to wake up…

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A Figment In The Elsewhere #4: Heavy Metal Pete

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“Dark. Laughing. The owls were flying. Many things were blocked.”

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“Fire is so magical. There’s a texture to it that occurs nowhere else. And controlling something like that… With me, I always think about magic, the unexplainable.”

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“I like ’50s tape-loop slap and I love reverb. I like basically the sound of an electric guitar. That is one of the most thrilling things ever invented.”

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“I love the blues, I love the sophisticated simplicity of it”

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“A great melody flows in such a way that you are almost anticipating the next note with such yearning that you can hardly wait.”

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