The Sound of Dying “in back of this place…”

lynch and neff

John Neff on the sound design for Mulholland Drive:

The aftermath of the Winkie’s diner scene was one of the hardest sound jobs I have ever had. Took 2 days to make.

We went down a completely wrong road in sound design for the Dan death scene, then I said to Dave, “Well. The last thing that goes is your hearing. It gets all echoey and thin”. He asked how I knew this, and I told him that I died in a doctor’s office years before and that’s what I went through. He said, “Recreate it”.

We went to the absolute digital ceiling for that scene, no more volume was possible. Dolby asked us to turn it down .5db, and Dave said, “No fucking way!”


~ by benjaminlouche on January 13, 2015.

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