From out of smoke and shadow…

Double R Club Artwork_Front_v2 (2)

And so, May’s Double R Club rears it’s unlikely and unwholesome head, promising many a dream and extended moment of unease, those in attendance will see things that will amaze you, amuse you, arouse you, tempt you, tease you, and who knows, perhaps even scare you beyond the capacity for rational thought… Things such as:

DUSTY LIMITS ~ Crown prince of the vertiginous voice… Black-hearted angel of mesmeric mellifluousity…

EM BRULÉE ~ The human incarnation of the sound of wind through branches, of the weeping of the human heart…

RUTH LESS ~ The woman behind the mask is going toward the hiding place of her own fractured dream-self…

FLABBERGAST THEATRE ~ A pair of diminutive figments stalk danger and risk all for your entertainment!

BLANCHE DUBOIS ~ Faded beauty falters and fractures before your very eyes, loses her mind to shadow!

TOMÁS FORD ~ Through the hum and the fog of electricity this ‘cathodic’ crooner will throw sparks in darkness!

HOTCAKE KITTY ~ Daughter of corruption, this seductive nymphet gets what she wants, and what she wants is YOU…

SNAKE FERVOR ~ This daughter of flame and doyenne of dark dreams will conflagrate your souls!

G E T   Y O U R  T I C K E T S   T O   D R E A M L A N D

~ by benjaminlouche on May 12, 2014.

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