Further Somnambulatory Shenanigans…

Double R Club February, 2013

This latest celebration of (and submergence in) dream and darkness that is THE DOUBLE R CLUB has been SOLD OUT for weeks,  H O W E V E R ,  an  e x t r e m e l y  limited amount of tickets will be released 24 hours before it ‘happens again’ for any Johnny-come-latelys, shilly-shalliers or dwellers on the threshold wishing to cross over…

Casting shapes and shadows across our stage on the night will be:

Cat Aclysmic ~ who will let loose intrigue, the unknown, and the magical!

Anil Desai  ~ who will proclaim “E unum pluribus! From ONE comes MANY!”

Sabrina Sweepstakes ~ whose foetal secrets and impossible progeny shall be revealed!

Twin Freaks ~ These starlets will be ground up in the Hollywood dream factory!

Snake Fervor ~ Witness to terrible events will relive murder and darkness!

Mr. Mistress ~ This harbinger of the dark half of femininity will blacken your dreams!

Mat Fraser & Julie Atlas Muz ~ These lovers will drown in the offal of love, lust and desire!

Email therrclub@gmail.com to be put on  T H E   L I S T  to be kept up to date on all forthcoming productions theatrical outings and dream-quests…

~ by benjaminlouche on February 13, 2013.

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