Another World Is Beckoning…

A bill of EXCEPTIONAL unreality and excess! Including the otherworldlinessess of:

FANCY CHANCE ~ Is this a beautiful and bizarre hallucination, or wolf in rabbit’s clothing?

MAT RICARDO ~ This uncanny platter manipulation from another place will boggle the mind!

TRICITY VOGUE ~ Sweetheart will spew tongues of white hot music from an ashen heart and a belly of fire!

MARCUS REEVES ~ Will sings songs of madness, badness and of black tears from behind the mask…

LAURIE HAGEN ~ ?sllaf gnihtolc lla nehw ,deyarteb yretsym tahw ,delaever eb llahs sterces tahW

SNAKE FERVOR ~ From out of a dream, a survivor of madness and murder will tell tales of darkness…

ANIL DESAI  ~ Will tell a straight story of travels down a crooked road, meeting many a crooked soul…

NATHAN DEAN WILLIAMS ~ This Candy Coloured Clown will creep into your dreams and commit terrible acts!

~ by benjaminlouche on October 12, 2012.

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