“A lot of music doesn’t do one thing or another. It just doesn’t do anything. Then there are those pieces of music that thrill your soul. It’s such a wide range, and it’s really interesting that we all love different things.”

Playlists for The Double R Club, 21st April, 2022

P R E – S H O W :

[ Suite of musics incorporating Im Abendrot [Excerpt -pitched down 30 semitones] – Gewandhausorchester / Dark Spanish Symphony (Edited) (String Version) [pitched down 22 semitones] – Angelo Badalamenti And Kinny Landrum / Dark Lolita [pitched down 22 semitones & played backwards] – Angelo Badalamenti And Kinny Landrum, all from Wild At Heart OST + dialogue from Wild at Heart ]

Waiting For The Engineer – Hildur Guðnadóttir, from Chernobyl (Music from the Original TV Series)
Laura’s Dark Boogie – Angelo Badalamenti, from Twin Peaks Season Two Music And

Donna – Noordzo, from Shark Funeral Songbook
2 – K., from There’s A Devil Waiting Outside Your Door
I Am Proof Neptune Has No Mercy – The Spongetaker, from Everywhere At The End Of Bikini Bottom
Snails and Lasers for Patricia Highsmith [edit] – Matmos, from The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast
Bad The John Boy – David Lynch, from Bad The John Boy 12″
Kiss Me (I Loved You) – Jack Cruz, from Chloë and the Next 20th Century Deluxe edition bonus 7″ by Father John Misty

[ sound design and dialogue from Industrial Symphony No. 1: The Dream of the Broken Hearted ]

Lynchian Ride – Nyctophiliac, from Dark Side of the Mental
Girl On The Street (instrumental) – David Lynch
Insomnia – Johnny Jewel, from Windswept
Hate Song (Version) – Fudge Tunnel, from Hate Songs In E-Minor
Jack Paints It Red – Thought Gang, from Thought Gang
Hope To Die – Orville Peck, from Pony

I N T E R V A L :

I’m Wise – A Place to Bury Strangers, from Strange Moon EP
911 – David Lynch & John Neff, from Blue Bob
The Slop – Hasil Adkins, from Peanut Butter Rock and Roll
The Travelling Salesman – DK3, from Neutrons
Blue Frank – Bookhouse, from the album Ghostwood, buy HERE
Beatrice The Coyote (edit) – Laddio Bolocko, from The Life and Times of Laddio Bolocko
11:52 – Vainio / Väisänen / Vega, from Resurrection River


My first act was to Endless Sleep by Marty Wilde from Three Classic Albums Plus. My second act was a version of 6″ Gold Blade by The Birthday Party, the original version of which appears on their album Junkyard. I also ‘sang’ TV II by Ministry, the original version of which appears on their album ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ [Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs].

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