“It’s picking a beat and a sound on the guitar and experimenting until something arrives that gets us going.”

Playlists for The Double R Club, 17th February, 2022

P R E – S H O W :

Crystal Japan / Subterraneans [slowed / pitched down, played simultaneously] – David Bowie
Freshly Squeezed – Angelo Badalamenti, from Music From Twins Peaks
Falling in Space Oddity -a mashup of Twin Peaks Theme by Angelo Badalamenti and Space Oddity by David Bowie
I Can Still Remember Jellyfish Fields – The Spongetaker, from Everywhere At The End Of Bikini Bottom
Solo Percussion 1 – Angelo Badalamenti, from The Twin Peaks Archive
Dragging A Dead Priest – Tom Waits, from Night on Earth OST
Alcron Meets the Blues – Angelo Badalamenti, from Blue Velvet OST (The Deluxe Edition)
He Will Come for Me – Giovanni Varrica, from Little Girl Down the Lane – A Twin Peaks Tribute

[ audio from Premonitions Following an Evil Deed, a 52 second film by Lynch made as part of the Lumière et Cie project]

Vampire Bop [pitched down 15 semitones] – Paul Sawtell & Bert Shefter, original from The Last Man on Earth OST
Perdita – Rubber City, from Wild At Heart O.S.T.
Fire Walk With Me – r.roo, from Fire is the Devil Hiding Like a Coward in the Smoke (Shut Your Eyes and You’ll Burst Into Flames)
Camel Walk – The Original Starfires, from Wowsville
Lumberton U.S.A. / Going Down To Lincoln (Sound Effects Suite) – Angelo Badalamenti, from Blue Velvet OST
Exploding Frogs (edit) – Coil, from The Sound of Musick

I N T E R V A L :

Walkin’ On The Sky – David Lynch, from Inland Empire OST
Can I Tempt You With All This? – Diana Rogerson & Andrew Liles (exclusive extended mix), original version appears on No Birds Do Sing
Wolves – Bridport Dagger, from Wolves & Trembling Sky
Monkey – Geniuser, from I Am

[ Frank In Blue Jeans – a home-cooked ‘mash-up’ featuring elements from Blue Frank by David Lynch and Blue Jean by David Bowie, together with sound design and dialogue from Twin Peaks: The Return ]

Truly Ruly – Hasil Adkins, from Out To Hunch

My first act was to Dark Moon by Bonnie Guitar, from Dark Moon. My second act was a version of Make it Rain by Tom Waits, the original version of which appears on his album Real Gone. I also sang Audrey, Let’s Dance, a homecooked ‘mash-up’ featuring elements from Audrey’s Dance by Angelo Badalamenti, from Music from Twin Peaks and Let’s Dance, by David Bowie, from Let’s Dance; with added audio from Twin Peaks.

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