“I love melody. I was very lucky to meet Angelo [Badalamenti]. In movies, there is music that is not melodious, but it’s setting a mood and a very special feel. And then there’s music that has a melody that can tear your heart out, and Angelo can do both of those things.”


Playlists for The Double R Club, 16th January, 2020

P R E – S H O W :

Eye on the Donut – Vitor Joaquim, from Hear the Other Side, See the Other Side (Traces to Nowhere)
Wash The Dust From My Heart – Nurse With Wound, from Huffin’ Rag Blues
The Black Dog Runs At Night – Thought Gang, from Thought Gang
Burst Into Fire – Giovanni Varrica, from Little Girl Down the Lane – A Twin Peaks Tribute
Lipstick – Johnny Jewel, from Themes For Television
Truth – Goldie [feat. David Bowie], from Saturnz Return

[sampled sound design / music / dialogue from Inland Empire]

Plutocracy Blues – Dangerpuss
Negative Space – Aloha Dead
Cold Light of Day – The Denison / Kimball Trio, from Plays The Music Of “Walls In The City”
Karl – Laddio Bolocko, from The Life and Times of Laddio Bolocko
Like Regular Chickens (RR edit) – Amon Tobin, the original version of which appears on Permutation
Love Letters – Ketty Lester, from Blue Velvet O.S.T
Girl On The Street (instrumental) – David Lynch
Just You – Angelo Badalamenti, from Twin Peaks Season Two Music And More

[sampled sound design / dialogue from Industrial Symphony No. 1: The Dream of the Broken Hearted]

Slow and Easy – Henry Mancini, from Music From “Peter Gunn”

I N T E R V A L :

You Wear My Stuff – Giovanni Varrica, from Little Girl Down the Lane – A Twin Peaks Tribute
Murdered Out – Kim Gordon, from No Home Record
Terminus (edit) – Sand, from Beautiful People Are Evil
Disco La Krupa – Caesar Romero, from Matamoros


My first act was to The End Of The World by Skeeter Davis, from The End Of The World. My second act was a version of I See Them All Lined Up by Michael Gira, the original version of which appears on the album Drainland.

~ by benjaminlouche on January 17, 2020.

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