“Music deals with abstractions and, like film, it involves time.”

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Playlists for The Double R Club, 21st November, 2019

P R E – S H O W :

[ Suite of music inc. The High Night Walk – David Lynch / Summer Night Noise – Thought Gang / sound design / dialogue from Twin Peaks: The Return ]

Wolves – Terminal Sound System, from Constructing Towers
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain – Harry Dean Stanton, from Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction
Diner (excerpt) – Angelo Badalamenti, from Mulholland Drive O.S.T.
Burst into Fire – Giovanni Varrica, from Little Girl Down the Lane – A Twin Peaks Tribute
The Body You Deserve (Instrumental) – HTRK, from Psychic Lilac
Pretty Fifties – David Lynch & John Neff, from Mulholland Drive O.S.T.
Bous – pavleisdead, from I Will Be in the Shadows If You Need Me (Let The Wicked Fall Into Their Own Nets)
You Are Dead To Me – I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness, from Dust
Waiting For The Engineer – Hildur Guðnadóttir, from Chernobyl (Music from the Original TV Series)
Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version) – Angelo Badalamenti
Fire, Walk With Me – Bookhouse, from the album Ghostwood, buy HERE
Go On and Kiss Me – The Raveonettes, from Rarities / B-Sides
Loveless – Johnny Jewel, from Themes For Television
Bring It On Home – Sonny Boy Williamson, from Mulholland Drive O.S.T.
Ufo 61 – Terry Edwards, from Terry Edwards
Questions In A World Of Blue – Julee Cruise, from the album The Voice Of Love
Bitter & Twisted – Amon Tobin, from Bricolage
I Dream Of You – Fox Bat Strategy, from …A Tribute To Dave Jaurequi

I N T E R V A L :

Walkin’ On The Sky- David Lynch, from Inland Empire O.S.T.
Blue Frank – Bookhouse, from the album Ghostwood, buy HERE
World of Truck DriversGiovanni Varrica, from Little Girl Down the Lane – A Twin Peaks Tribute
Rammstein (edit) – Rammstein, from Lost Highway OST
Lost Time Blues – The Chrome Cranks, from Lost Time Blues E.P.
Nite Train – The Von Bondies, from Lack Of Communication


My opening act was to My Little Corner Of The World by Connie Smith, from Born To Sing (inc. dialogue from The Missing Pieces). My second act was a version of Less Sex by Daughters, the original version of which appears on their album You Won’t Get What You Want.

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