The Tale of Ben’s Bandage

As I recently announced at The Double R Club‘s 100th show, the bandage I wear on my left hand to host, inspired (as much of my garb is) by Dean Stockwell‘s Ben from Blue Velvet‘s bandage:


is the same bandage I’ve worn for  e v e r y   s i n g l e   o n e  of those 100 shows and those 9 and a bit years. Yes, that’s quite repulsive, and yes the bandage now looks like something small died in it. I may have suggested that perhaps for the anniversary show that I filter vodka through it and drink it; sadly, health and safety intervened.

Here are some exclusive backstage pics [by the wonderful Jody Whittle-Wyeth] of me telling this very story to our cast at the 100th show, which seem to tell a story all their own:


[#1 Presenting ‘The Bandage’. Cast member Rodent tries to hide their understandable disgust]


[#2 Louche’s Quandary. Rodent leaves me wondering and unsure: has it been a terrible and deeply unsavoury (not to mention potentially unsanitary) mistake to keep the same bandage all this time? For nine years?!]


[#3 Resolution. Nah, ‘course not. It’s a great bandage. And, hell, what have I got to live for all of a sudden, right?]

~ by benjaminlouche on December 5, 2018.

One Response to “The Tale of Ben’s Bandage”

  1. Sometime I have to get to London to one of your shows.

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