“Music as background to me becomes like a mosquito, an insect. In the studio we have big speakers, and to me that’s the way music should be listened to. When I listen to music, I want to just listen to music.”


Playlists for The Double R Club, 18th October, 2018

P R E – S H O W :

‘The Birth of the Golden Shovel’, (played ON a golden shovel!) watch and listen HERE / Dr Amp creates! – Justin Johnson / Dr Lawrence Jacoby (license revoked)
‘Ad Infinitum’ – The Denison / Kimball Trio, from Soul Machine
‘Freshly Squeezed (Audrey’s Dance Variations)’ – The Chevrons, from I Had the Strangest Dream Last Night (The Owls Were Silent)
‘Insomnia’ – Johnny Jewel, from Windswept
‘Saturday’ – Johnny Jewel, from Windswept
‘Sand And Smoke’ – Prom Queen, from Doom Wop
‘Trans-Mission’ – The Denison / Kimball Trio, from Soul Machine
‘The Night Bell With Lightning’ – David Lynch, from Crazy Clown Time
‘Rectum’ – Thomas Bangalter, from Irreversible O.S.T.
‘Low Rider’ – The Jesus Lizard, from Down
‘Go On and Kiss Me’ – The Raveonettes, from Rarities / B-Sides
‘A Pretty Girl Is Like A Threnody’ – Unsong, from A Blue Rose For Black Bob
‘First And Last And Always’ – Foetus, from Thank You – A Tribute to the Sisters of Mercy
‘Annie and Cooper’ – Angelo Badalamenti, downloaded from davidlynch.com
‘The Heavenly Host Are Gathered’ – The Vanity Set, from The Vanity Set

I N T E R V A L :

‘Monte’s Casino’ – DK3, from Neutrons
‘Laura Palmer’s Theme’ – Bookhouse, from the album Ghostwood, buy HERE
‘A Real Indication’ – Thought Gang, from Fire Walk With Me O.S.T.
‘The Gravedigger’s Song’ – Mark Lanegan Band, from Blues Funeral
‘DÍ!’ – Two Step Horror, from Bad Sides & Rejects


My first act was to ‘Black Star’ by Elvis Presley, from the Black Star 12” maxi-single. My second act was a version of ‘Dirty Boys’ by David Bowie, the original version of which appears on the album The Next Day.

~ by benjaminlouche on October 19, 2018.

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