“If you start off with a certain beat and a certain sound on the guitar, it’s gonna put you on a certain road. And when you go down that road, you can discover things. This is how it starts.”

frank snarl

Playlists for The Double R Club 19th April, 2018

P R E – S H O W :

[in-house suite of musics, dialogue and sound design from Twin Peaks: The Return, including ‘Dark Mood Woods / The Red Room’, ‘Night’, ‘Dark Space Low’ – Angelo Badalamenti, and ‘Weighted Room – Choral Swarm’, ‘Electricity II’, ‘Intro Cymbal Wind’ – Dean Hurley]

‘Factory Interlude’ – David Lynch & John Neff, from Blue Bob
‘Shelly’ – Angelo Badalamenti, from Twin Peaks Season Two Music And More
‘Duchamp Falls’ – Terminal Sound System, from Constructing Towers
‘Blue Velvet / Blue Star (montage)’ – from Blue Velvet O.S.T.
‘Eraserhead (Love Theme)’ – Sick Tree, listen HERE

[sampled sound design / music / dialogue from Inland Empire]

‘Sunset Surf’ – The Truants, from The Surf Creature
‘Lucky Bag’ – Princess Tinymeat, from Herstory
‘Polish Poem’ – Chrysta Bell, from Inland Empire O.S.T.
‘The Snare’ – Graham Coxon, from The End Of The F***ing World (Original Songs and Score)

[“When you get there, you will already be there” – Sound design/dialogue from Twin Peaks: The Return]

‘I Love You In Fire’ – Unsong, from A Blue Rose For Black Bob, download HERE, buy disc HERE
‘Reaching into In’ – Ken Nordine, from The Best of Word Jazz, Vol. 1
‘Dinner Party Pool Music’ – Angelo Badalamenti, from Mulholland Drive O.S.T.
‘Dance Of The Dream man’ (Solo Sax) – Angelo Badalamenti, downloaded from davidlynch.com
‘Mr. Eddy’s Theme 1’ – Barry Adamson, from Lost Highway O.S.T.
‘Kitchen Blues’ – David Lynch, downloaded from davidlynch.com
‘Sticky’ – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, from Now I Got Worry
‘Ghost Of Love’ – David Lynch, from Inland Empire O.S.T.

I N T E R V A L :

‘Wigs On The Green’ – Princess Tinymeat, from Herstory
‘Flashback’ (RRemix) – Graham Coxon, the original version of which appears on The End Of The F***ing World (Original Songs and Score)
‘Pinky’s Dream’ – David Lynch (featuring Karen O.), from Crazy Clown Time
‘Gone Ridin” – Chris Isaak, from Silvertone
‘Strange Formula (David Lynch remix)’ – Ultraísta, from Ultraísta Remixes


My first act was to ‘Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)’ by Ray Peterson, from The Wonder of You – The Very Best of Ray Peterson 1957 – 1962. My second act was a version of ‘Still Burning’ by Rowland S. Howard, the original version of which appears on the album Honeymoon In Red.

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