“There’s always music in the air…” #2: ‘Rose Blue’ by Crime & The City Solution

Second in an ongoing series of posts highlighting Lynchian sounds and musics (as defined by The Double R Club and I) that may have flown under the radar of many and which perhaps one might even imagine appearing at The Roadhouse in some future, imaginary episode…

A mournful number of dysfunctional romance and self harm (perhaps even romance as self harm?) a story is told of a girl who, once ‘opened’, once known by our narrator, is shown to be hollow (perhaps hollowed by him?), empty, disordered within and incapable of love. A tragedy in just under five minutes, there can be seen (for those looking) certain shades of the kind of dissociation, damage and downward spiral that spelt the end of Laura Palmer; but of course it is the title itself that recalls the ‘blue rose’ of Fire Walk With Me.

blue rose lil.png

One might even be forgiven for imagining that the ‘her’ to which Simon Bonney croons, so doomed and dejectedly, is in fact Sour Face Lil, wearer of the blue rose, and when Bonney says “But the things that she said when I fell asleep..” well, perhaps the listener could also imagine what clues she might have been trying to tell him in his dreams…?

From Crime & The City Solution’s 1985 Just South of Heaven EP (but included in the CD issue of Room of Lights, thereby combining almost all of Rowland S. Howard‘s contributions to the band in one release -but more of Mr. Howard another time) the song stands as a forlorn gem among their early output; but for those looking to explore further into the band’s discography, I can do no better than recommend the frankly incredible Bride Ship album, a kind of epic and abstract record of political, apocalyptic romanticism and beautiful damnation.


Rose Blue
I saw the sky turn
Rose Blue

I opened up her lock
And found out what she was hiding
Saw that I had left a ditch inside her
Her head is like her room
It has no order
Her head is like her room
It has no order
I fell away, I fell away, I fell away

(I watched her jam a fork right up into her arm)

And I saw away, slip away, slip away
The hollow that I partied on
Filled up that space inside her
Filled up that space inside her

Rose Blue
I saw the sky turn
Rose Blue

The curtains the walls the lock on the door
Locked us in together
But the things that she said
When I fell asleep, went to bed
Well I was deaf to that tune
She started to wear those long blue sleeves
Well they saw her through me
When I planted that need

When I see that damaged place inside her
Well I opened that wound, opened that wound
And a heart that is inside her
I want to kill her, kill that broken heart
Rose Blue
I saw the sky turn
Rose Blue

I wish I was a prize possession
She put it back together
Put it back together
It is her treasure
It had a black heart
It had a white body
And she cherished it with love
I believe her mother gave it to her
Well I threw it at the wall
I Broke it into one thousand pieces
Well she tried to put it back together
Tried to put it back together
Think I’ve sunk down deep
Down deep into my Rose’s Blues

blue rose briggs


~ by benjaminlouche on July 24, 2017.

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