In The Zone

*SPOILERS, of course*

Though you’ll doubtless already be aware of it, a really very nice offshoot of Twin Peaks: The Return is the website ‘The Search for the Zone‘ mentioned in episode 9 written by fictional Highschool Principle Bill Hastings and doomed to be decapitated librarian Ruth Davenport, which has been brought into existence (manufactured for a “purpose…”?) in all its wonderfully 90s GeoCities-a-like kitsch glory, to be perused at your leisure, and with many an intriguing Twin Peaks treat hidden within…

search for the zome

My main problem with it is, well, (PEDANT MODE: ENABLED) how could a website be written by a Highschool Principle and a librarian, of all people, and yet use a question mark in the sentences

“Think of the events that could have splintered time?”


“The things that could have laid the seed for a starting point for this development?”


Answer me that, Bill!


Pernickety enough for you?

But it’s just a small thing, nothing to lose your head over.

Ah… a somewhat indelicate turn of phrase… awkward… apologies, Ruth…

~ by benjaminlouche on July 17, 2017.

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