“I haven’t been this excited since I punctured Caroline’s aorta”


So, to quote Frank Booth: “THIS IS IT,” it’s really happening. Again.

When we started The Double R Club way, way back in 2009, at the time it had been two years since the last Lynch film and who knew when we’d get another? As time crept on and he drifted towards music as his principle outlet, it seemed that we may never get another; and the idea of more TV from Lynch? So unlikely as to be absurd, and the idea of new Twin Peaks? Downright  i n s a n e .

It seemed that he would never get behind another camera, but now here we are. Ridiculous. Unprecedented. Terrifying. Wonderful. Strange. I’ll admit I’ve gone back and forth on whether new Twin Peaks was even a good idea (can you ever go back? Should you even try?) but with Lynch firmly in the driving seat (after a certain period of worry) I approach new Peaks with less (if not zero) trepidation, and more and more, as the day grows closer, with downright feverish and maddening excitement.

Chief among my reservations is that of my dislike of the, to my mind, distinctly un-Peaksian, flying-saucer-fest and conspiracy theory heavy X-Files-a-like-ness of Mark Frost’s The Secret History Of Twin Peaks; but with reports that the new series is “dark” and with Kyle MacLachlan’s hyperbolic description of it being “Like something you’ve never, ever seen on television, I don’t think in film either, this is gonna be earth-shattering,” not to mention Lynch’s statement that Fire Walk With Me will be “very much important” to season 3, well… ok, I’m in,  L E T ‘ S   R O C K.

But, y’know, no rush David. Finish your donut first; meanwhile all Peakies’ nerves slowly fray, time seeming to slow to a crawl…



~ by benjaminlouche on May 14, 2017.

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