“Ageing doesn’t faze me at all. It’s the death part that’s really a drag.”

ASHES TO ASHES by Clive Holland
(pic by Clive Holland)

Last night, on ash Wednesday and St. David’s day, was Cabaret Vs. Cancer‘s second annual tribute to David Bowie show, the appropriately titled Ashes To Ashes II.

I hosted the show and frankly had an absolute blast doing so. Singing Bowie songs (in public) is one of the hardest and most high-pressure things I’ve done; not least because A) I’m a huge fan of his and B) last night’s sold out show was jam-packed with punters who were also huge fans. My chosen songs (‘Queen Bitch’ and ‘Jean Genie’) went well regardless and were just an indecent amount of fun to sing.

The acts we had on the bill were frankly incredibly great, a real who’s who of London cabaret: Vivid Angel, Nathan Evans, Champagne Charlie, Tom Carradine, Ruby Wednesday, Marcella Puppini, Clifford Slapper, VJ Spankie, Snake Fervor, Laurence Owen, Molly Beth Morossa, Mr. B The Gentlemen Rhymer, Fancy Chance and Dusty Limits.

All in all we raised £3649.48!

As you will see above, I wore my usual Louche slap, but on top of that the lovely Melissa painted upon me the infamous red and blue Aladdin Sane ‘flash’. I pondered for a long time about whether to wear the flash, whether it was naff or just silly, but came to the conclusion that, no, I wasn’t trying to be Bowie, it wasn’t so much fancy dress as it was something else; with this in mind, I wrote the following:


He Struck Me Cold
by Benjamin Louche

If you’re struck by lightning and survive it, it always leaves a mark.
As it was with Mr. Jones, when something told you you should hark,
Hark to the sounds he made, the words he spoke, and to the shape he cut
in that bright spotlight, that crutch-hungry dark, that sweet punch in the gut

as he blazed across the stage, leper messiah, Corinthian, caricature,
You were struck down, yet lifted up, by this thin white provocateur,
And as the lightning struck you, the scar burned bright and deep,
And then it sank, invisible, yet it was always yours to keep.

You wear that flash, that lightning bolt, whether it is seen or no,
Not in imitation but because you have been marked it’s ever there, below,
So paint it on from time to time, it is always yours to wear,
It may not always be visible, but trust me, it’s always there.


And now, for your ears:

A Superabundance of Bowie #1

A Superabundance of Bowie #2

~ by benjaminlouche on March 2, 2017.

One Response to ““Ageing doesn’t faze me at all. It’s the death part that’s really a drag.””

  1. Beautiful…..I am blessed to have that Lightning Bolt deep inside my soul

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