Sudden recall of a very brief dream…

body in the street

The whole thing seemed to have been shot on 70s video, bad quality, colours faded, perhaps watched too many times, the tape worn until grainy. Shaky camera work. A figure was laying on a pavement, I want to say a sidewalk -it felt American.

The camera moved closer. I think the figure was a middle aged woman but it was difficult to tell.

Close up. She wore a diving mask over her eyes. The mask was filled with water. I could see that where one of her eyes should’ve been was just an empty pinkish socket, any blood having been washed away, diluted and absorbed by the water. The eyeball itself floated freely inside the mask. Then she spoke. Again, the voice was in a slightly higher register, so sounded feminine but could’ve simply been a man in distress.

She said:

“Make it stop.”

And, as if obeying, the dream did just that, and I woke.


~ by benjaminlouche on January 31, 2016.

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