“This world of music is.. so beautiful. I never thought I’d get in it this way, but, here it is, and y’know, it’s an ongoing story.”

ceiling fan

Playlists for The Double R Club, 15th October, 2015

P R E – S H O W :

‘Sand’ – Sand, from Beautiful People Are Evil
‘Mysterioso #1’ (film version) – Angelo Badalamenti, downloaded from davidlynch.com
‘The Stairs Are Like An Avalanche’ – The Swell Maps, from Jane From Occupied Europe
‘Ghost Of Love’ – David Lynch, from Inland Empire O.S.T.
‘Just You (Instrumental Baritone Guitar) – Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch, downloaded from davidlynch.com
‘Sticky’ – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, from Now I Got Worry
‘Solo Percussion 1’ – Angelo Badalamenti, downloaded from davidlynch.com
‘Police’ – Angelo Badalamenti, from Lost Highway O.S.T.
‘Mr. Eddy’s Theme 1’ – Barry Adamson, from Lost Highway O.S.T.
‘Love’s Secret Domain’ (Coil cover) – The Guitaraculas, from the album Two Bottles Of Blood
‘Slim The Cook’ – The Vanity Set, from The Vanity Set
‘Bowels of the Beast’ – The Raveonettes, from Whip It On

[sampled music and sound design from Eraserhead]

‘Velvet Dreams’ – Voicedude, FREE download from Mashed In Plastic
‘Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version)’ – Angelo Badalamenti, downloaded from davidlynch.com
‘Baby Please Don’t Go’ – Thomas Truax, from Songs From The Films Of David Lynch
‘Out Of The Shadows’ – I.M.U., from Manifestation III

I N T E R V A L :

‘The Loco-Motion’ – Little Eva, from Inland Empire O.S.T.
‘I Just Can’t Help But Stare’ – Gallon Drunk, from The Road Gets Darker From Here
‘Pinky’s Dream’ – David Lynch (featuring Karen O.), from Crazy Clown Time
‘The David Lynch Guide To Coffee’ – Laurence Owen, from The David Lynch E​.​P.
‘Bad As Me’ – Tom Waits, from Bad As Me
‘Shake It Baby’ – John Lee Hooker, from Serves You Right To Suffer
‘Blue Frank’ – Angelo Badalamenti, from Twin Peaks Season Two Music And More


My first act was to ‘All I Do Is Dream Of You’ by Judy Garland (takes 1 & 5 recorded in 1940) found HERE. My second act was ‘You Are Not Here’, lyrics and vocal ‘melody’ by me, music from ’11:52′ by Vainio / Väisänen / Vega, with additional treated samples from David Lynch’s ‘Blue Frank’ & ‘The Pink Room’ and theremin played by Léon Theremin himself!

~ by benjaminlouche on October 16, 2015.

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