For Two Nights ONLY, D R E A M L A N D Is Accepting Visitors…


S o m e t h i n g  is returning to the hallowed and scarlet womb of London Wonderground… On the 4th July and the 1st August The Double R Club will be staging a dark and vertiginous cabaret dream of troubling things. There will be fire there will be fear, there will be song, sex, smoke and there will be secrets…

These annual shows are our deepest and darkest of spectacles, DARE you miss it? To quote The Student Wordsmith in their review of our 2014 show: “I may even go so far to say this is the best live performance show I have ever had the pleasure of seeing!”

Why not take a look at last year’s show, what those ‘subjected’ to it had to say, for just a little of what you can expect this year:

And then why not  B O O K   Y O U R   T I C K E T S   T O   D R E A M L A N D   N O W ?

~ by benjaminlouche on June 29, 2015.

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