“A two chord thing can be pretty exciting. A one chord thing can be thrilling… if you know how to fret.”


Playlists for The Double R Club 21st May, 2015

P R E – S H O W :

‘No Happiness For Slater’ (pitch lowered by 10 semitones by me) – John Lewis, the original version from Odds Against Tomorrow O.S.T.
‘Laura’s Dark Boogie’ – Angelo Badalamenti, from Twin Peaks Season Two Music And More
‘Pete’s Boogie’ – David Lynch & Alan R. Splet, from Eraserhead O.S.T.
‘Lady Hawke Blues’ – Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, from Haunted Head
‘Fondate Paure’ – Ennio Morricone, from Crime and Dissonance
‘Freshly Squeezed (bass clarinet version)’ – Angelo Badalamenti, downloaded from davidlynch.com

[sampled sound design / dialogue from Industrial Symphony No. 1: The Dream of the Broken Hearted]

‘Rollin’ Down With You’ – Fox Bat Strategy, from A Tribute To Dave Jaurequi…
‘The 49th Ton’ – Penthouse, from My Idle Hands
‘Hello Baby’ – Morphine, from At Your Service
‘Oh, I Buried You Today’ – The Raveonettes, from In And Out Of Control

[sampled sound design / dialogue from Inland Empire]

‘Somnambulatin” – Unsong, from A Blue Rose For Black Bob, buy CD HERE or download HERE
‘Perdita’ – Rubber City, from Wild At Heart O.S.T.
‘And Light Shines’ – David Lynch, from The Big Dream Super Deluxe Edition
‘Lights Out In The Sycamore Lounge’ – Unsong, from A Blue Rose For Black Bob, buy CD HERE or download HERE
‘Home Stab Kit’ – House of Le Ford, downloaded HERE
‘The Stairs Are Like An Avalanche’ – The Swell Maps, from Jane From Occupied Europe
‘Dusty Strands (2.3.11)’ – Two Step Horror, from Living Room Music

I N T E R V A L :

‘Dangler’ – Laddio Bolocko, from The Life and Times of Laddio Bolocko
‘Red Bats With Teeth’ (RR extended version) – original by Angelo Badalamenti, from Lost Highway O.S.T.
‘Crazy Clown Time’ (video version) – David Lynch, audio taken from the official video, found HERE


My opening act was to ‘Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland’ by Judy Garland, from the film In the Good Old Summertime. My second act was a version of ‘Lap Dog Shuffle’ by Penthouse (known in America Fifty Tons Of Black Terror), the original version of which appears on their album Gutter Erotica.

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