Sour-Faced & Speaking Backwards


I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, neighbours, about the frankly HUGE tadoo and a hoo-hah surrounding season 3 of Twin Peaks; suffice to say it has whipped the already somewhat feverish Twin Peaks fandom into a positive (though in actuality  n e g a t i v e) lather.

Lynch’s claim that


was almost immediately leaped upon by some ‘Twin Peaks fans’ who began slinging muck like an ambidextrous octopus at a dirty protest. Lynch was called “greedy”, the question was asked: didn’t he have enough money? Couldn’t he fund the production himself if he wanted? By more than a few ‘fans’, Lynch was told to “go fuck himself”.

This really is the ugly side of fandom. Certain people really like to turn against their heroes don’t they? A bunch of leech-like cretins acting like spoiled children and spewing all manner of ill-informed bullshit and mindless speculation. The idea that  a n y o n e  would know better than Lynch how Twin Peaks had to be done is ludicrous. NO I wasn’t in the room when the negotiations were being held, so in fact I know as little as those launching toys from their collective pram, but I trust. Do I trust that it’ll all work out? No, but I certainly hope. What I trust is Lynch, and his instincts when approaching his work. Little Mike said it best:


Too bloody right. These bile encrusted faux-fans (fauxns?) should shut their mealy mouths and wait. There’s nothing wrong with the lively debate and discussion going on about season 3 but this infantile poison is despicable; grow the fuck up and shut the fuck up.

There has been much positive to come out of this furore though, not least a petition, together with the staging of a campaign and an associated Facebook page, by cast members (chiefly it seems Mädchen Amick and Sherilyn Fenn) who posted a video:

So, at the time of posting this, perhaps things are looking a little more hopeful…

p e r h a p s . . .



~ by benjaminlouche on April 10, 2015.

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