A ‘Murder’ of Angels is Descending…

Double R Club Artwork_June (2)

The 19th June sees The Double R Club‘s 5th Annual Miss Twin Peaks Contest, in which a whole  f l o c k  of wonderful and strange ‘beauties’ descend upon Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club to compete, tooth and nail, for the titles of Miss Ghostwood 2014, Miss Sparkwood 2014 and, of course, the much coveted Miss Twin Peaks 2014!

Stepping out of their dreams and into your nightmares on the 19th will be:

METH ~ Would be nightmare pageant queen from hell lets loose and disintegrates before your very eyes…

MISSY MACABRE ~ watch this captivating creature of conflagration create chaotic, dark dreams…

VICKY BUTTERFLY ~ This diaphanous, bioluminescent siren from another place will glow in darkness…

TIMBERLINA ~ This curiously cosmic and bizarrely beauteous figment is “preparing a great abundance of food…”

GIDDY HEIGHTS ~ A woman with a penchant for ” a portion of the limb of a felled tree” gets fruity!

ABI BLAINE ~ A silt-soaked serenade from the bottom of the river to chill your very bones…

VON STRUMPET ~ Tortured torch singer cries out in miniature, while shrunken evil rages!

VELMA BON BON ~ Monocular maniac strives to fashion curtains as quiet as the grave…

And, just perhaps, a few surprises…

Not to mention our LYNCHIAN FANCY DRESS COMPETITION! Come dressed as your favourite Lynch character, idea, theme, film, animation, painting, prop, nightmare, song, sound, beverage, go  H O G W I L D , for SUCH prizes are on offer…

G E T   Y O U R   T I C K E T S   T O   A N O T H E R   P L A C E   H E R E

~ by benjaminlouche on June 2, 2014.

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