To Those Who Would Drown

L’homme submergé (Folon)

Some mistakenly think that to jump in the drink,
Is to fall into bliss, into rest and to sink
Down to drown, to curl up and to sleep in the dark,
In the deep, counting sheep, not to worry, nor weep

But THEY’RE WRONG, for to slip into water to drown,
Takes you down into horrors, where agony’s found,
Where the fish wait to chew on you, schools all a-teaming,
As your eyes bulge and sting, as your lungs go a-screaming,

As your last breath escapes you, your head fit to burst,
You look up at the surface, you’re fearing the worst
That this end you contrived, this ‘peaceful descent’,
Is naught but suffocation, torture and torment…

© MB 2014

~ by benjaminlouche on May 21, 2014.

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