“I think there’s a magic in a pure tone sliding off-tone, sliding back, and two things beating against each other, trying to get harmonized.”

gordon-cole-hearing-aid-disguised-jewel-pinPlaylists for The Double R Club 15th May, 2014

P R E – S H O W :

‘Don’t Do Anything (I Wouldn’t Do)’ – Angelo Badalamenti, from Fire Walk With Me O.S.T.
‘Sand’ – Sand, from Beautiful People Are Evil
‘Heaven’s Drive In’ – Phil Retrospector, from Mashed In Plastic, download FREE here
‘Free To Walk’ – The Raveonettes, from We Are Only Riders
‘Coolstuff’ – Peter Thomas, from Betty Page Private Girl
‘Thee Itch’ – David Yow, from Tonight You Look Like A Spider
‘Girl On The Street’ (instrumental) – David Lynch, downloaded from davidlynch.com
‘Speed Roadster’ – David Lynch, from Crazy Clown Time
‘Disobedience’ – Pig, from Don’t Blow Your Cover – A Tribute To Kmfdm
Lurch’ – Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, from Haunted Head
‘The Beast’ – Milt Buckner, from Mulholland Drive O.S.T.
‘The 49th Ton’ – Penthouse, from My Idle Hands
‘Love Me’ – Nicolas Cage, from Wild at Heart O.S.T.
‘Spook!’ – Henry Mancini, from Music From Peter Gunn
‘Free Love’ – Morphine, from Yes
‘They Go Down’ – Fox Bat Strategy, from A Tribute To Dave Jaurequi…

I N T E R V A L :

‘Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ (Bacteria Bitch Mix) -RR edit- Nurse with Wound (original version from Terms and Conditions Apply)
‘Groove Grease (Hot Catz) (edit)’- Nurse With Wound, from Huffin’ Rag Blues
‘LandShark Pt.2’ – DK3, from Neutrons
‘Bleth My Thoul’ – David Yow, from Tonight You Look Like A Spider
‘Loverman’ – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, from Let Love In


My first act was to ‘All I Have To Do Is Dream’ by The Everly Brothers, from Essential. My second act was a version of ‘Touch The Leather’ (with backing vocals by the fabulous Hotcake Kitty), by The Fat White Family, the original version of which appears on the Touch the Leather 7″.

~ by benjaminlouche on May 20, 2014.

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