“Something will be revealed…”

The Double R Club, April, 2014

And so, the dream comes again, and that same dark beauty leaks forth… This month, expect visitations from the dream-selves of:

MISSY MACABRE ~ This dark carny’s got her own peculiarities. Her own way of living… Her own way of dreaming?

CHRIS LYNAM ~ This extraordinary master of mayhem is less a cabaret act and more a crime scene waiting to happen!

BETTSIE BON BON ~ This red-hot bad-girl with seduce you, suck you dry of your soul then cast you aside!

MARCUS REEVES ~ A singer of songs from the well of your dreams, from the dark of your coal-choked hearts…

MILLIE DOLLAR ~ This incendiary human/leporine crossbreed and mysterious misshape will live long in your dreams!

ERNESTO SAREZALE ~ This salacious scholar will drown you in words! In a tsunami of terminology!

WENDY WATTS ~ At the heart of all life is electricity, at the heart of electricity this uncanny temptress awaits!

RAGINA ~ Gasp at this dancing shadow! This graceful silhouette! This darkness made flesh!

T I C K E T S   T O   ‘ A N O T H E R   P L A C E ‘   H E R E

~ by benjaminlouche on April 9, 2014.

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