Quarter Of A Century, And STILL Screaming…

The Double R Club, 20th March, 2014

This month marks 25 years since Laura Palmer uttered those immortal words: “I’ll see you again in twenty five years…” and so, to celebrate, to herald whatever darkness leaks forth from between those red velvet curtains…

FANCY CHANCE ~ A fearsome force of nature, though not even nature could conceive a creature such as she…

THE UNGEWINSTER ~ A strange mystery man trapped in another place, crying out in your dreams…

LAURENCE OWEN ~ With the dark and plaintive twang of his instrument, this troubled troubadour trills…

MISS MIRANDA ~ Twenty five years on, and still trapped ‘elsewhere’, what has become of that murdered Prom Queen?

NATHAN DEAN WILLIAMS ~ A liminal character in identity crisis, trapped between two worlds!

MISSY FATALE ~ A beauteous and seductive vision among the smoke may hold terrible, hallucinatory secrets!

FOXY AND HUSK ~ From deep in the dark of the woods this anthropomorphic impossibility emerges…

TORCH SONG TILLY G ~ A lachrymose chanteuse singing searing songs from the cellar of your heart…

not to mention (perhaps) a few surprises from another place…

G E T   Y O U R   T I C K E T S   H E R E !


~ by benjaminlouche on March 17, 2014.

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