“I’m not a musician, but I play music. So it’s a strange thing.”

Auricularia auricula-judaePlaylists for The Double R Club 20th February, 2014

P R E – S H O W :

‘Midnight Radio #7’ – Bohren & der Club of Gore, from Midnight Radio
‘Deer Meadow Shuffle’ (film version) – Angelo Badalamenti, downloaded from davidlynch.com
‘Up To Date’ – Cheerleader 69, download HERE
‘Half Heart (Solo)’ – Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch, downloaded from davidlynch.com
‘Angel Guts:’ (edit) – Xiu Xiu, from Angel Guts: Red Classroom
‘Cold Wind Blowin’ – David Lynch, from The Big Dream
‘Sticky’ – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, from Now I Got Worry
‘Out Of The Shadows’ – I.M.U., from Manifestation III
‘Half Speed Orchestra 1 (Stair Music Danger Theme)’ – Angelo Badalamenti, downloaded from davidlynch.com
‘Dance Of The Dream Man’ – Angelo Badalamenti, downloaded from davidlynch.com
‘The Stairs Are Like An Avalanche’ – The Swell Maps, from Jane From Occupied Europe
‘Who’ll Fall?’- Coil, from Stolen & Contaminated Songs
‘Le Matin Des Noire’ – Barry Adamson, from The King Of Notting Hill

I N T E R V A L :

‘Smoking Beagles’ – Sub Sub (feat. Tricky), from the Smoking Beagles EP
‘Hell Broke Luce’ – Tom Waits, from Bad As Me
‘Red Bats With Teeth’ (RR extended version) – original by Angelo Badalamenti, from Lost Highway O.S.T.
‘On Ward 10’ – Gallon Drunk, from The Rotten Mile
‘Shake It baby’ – John Lee Hooker, from Serves You Right To Suffer


My first act was to ‘Dream’ by Etta James, from All Right Vol. 1. My second act was a version of ‘Hard Working Man’ by Captain Beefheart, the original version of which appears on the Blue Collar O.S.T.


(The above picture is of a fungus called the Auricularia auricula-judae, commonly referred to as Judas’ Ear, Jelly Ear or Common Ear Fungus)

~ by benjaminlouche on February 21, 2014.

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