Filth & Poetic Injustice

Louche by Fluffy Wytchpic by Fluffy Wytch

At this year’s Twin Peaks UK Festival, I thought, rather than just repeat my ‘Filthy Twin Peaks Themed Limerick’ as I always do, I would try to come up with some new ones. I tell you, it’s not easy. Following the usual limerick format, I tried to choose a charater from the series and go on from there… but so few of them worked, and a limerick starting “There once was an ex-con called Hank” can only really end one way, thus telegraphing its ending WAY ahead of time and making itself pointless.

I did come up with a couple, though they remain somewhat inferior, both in filth and content, to the original. Anyhoo, they are as follows (with apologies to all cast members mentioned):

The Log Lady

The Log Lady did all that she could,
To make sure that her cookies were good,
When the law came to her cabin,
Investigatin’ a stabbin’,
She served coffee and gave them all wood.

James Hurley

There once was a man called Ed Hurley,
Whose nephew James was all sullen and surley,
And yet every weekend,
His morals would bend,
And he’d parade down the street dressed all girly.

– © MB 2013

~ by benjaminlouche on December 14, 2013.

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