H e i s L e g i o n . . .


When the man that stands before is not the man you see,
When a woman toys with mirage, with disguise and mystery,
When personalities clash yet within a single form,
Then you know you have crossed over, that you’ve left behind the norm.

Then this THING you see before you, with a million faces plus,
Is unnameable, unknowable, even trying will concuss
that little part of you, your rational mind, that disbelieves your dreams,
That will flounder in confusion and in darkness for it seems

that what you see it is not right and what you see, it is not wrong,
What it is, is simply NOT, yet it will throw you all headlong
into a brackish sea of chaos that will black your beady eye,
Make you ask and ask the question: if that is NOT, then  W H O   A M   I ?

 © MB 2013


~ by benjaminlouche on October 10, 2013.

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