The Double R Club at Wonderground, 2nd August, “write it in your diary…”

A little (somewhat less than secret) photo diary charting The Double R Club‘s July manifestation at London Wonderground (read an eyewitness account)…

We will be ‘appearing’ ONE LAST TIME in the hallowed womb of the spiegeltent, with an extended, never-to-be-repeated show of beautiful dreams and darkness, on August 2nd, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW, or miss it, miss out, and live in a foetid pool of regret for all time…

Visions at the July show included…

The hand of Louche by Sin Bozkurt

Blanche Dubois by Sin Bozkurt

Liberty Pink by Sin Bozkurt

Traumata by Sin Bozkurt

Laurie Hagen by Sin Bozkurt

The RR No-Go Go-Go Dancers & Louche by Sin Bozkurt

Rosie Rowlands by Sin Bozkurt

Marnie Scarlet by Sin Bozkurt

Des O'Connor by Sin Bozkurt

Snake Fervor by Sin Bozkurt

(all photos by Sin Bozkurt)

HOWEVER, be aware that a great deal more happened besides these… ‘glimpses’, and some manifestations cannot be photographed, but can only be experienced IN THE FLESH, so to speak…

G E T   Y O U R   T I C K E T S   H E R E !

~ by benjaminlouche on July 24, 2013.

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