In the dark… in the trees… S O M E T H I N G .

The Double R Club 18th April, 2013

THE DOUBLE R CLUB emerges once more from shadow and from smoke to conjure dream, danger and degenerate spectacle… Dreamselves spewed forth from aberrant subconsciousnesses on the night will be:

Filthy-mouthed freaks of supernature BORIS & SERGEY!

Serpentine temptress and mistress of tease par excellence MISSY FATALE!

Tragic and lovelorn mystery woman in red RUTH LESS!

Purveyor of a melifluous voice from another place EM BRULÉE!

Both blissful innocent and paragon of sexuality HOTCAKE KITTY!

Teller of tall, taut tales from another world MISS AMELIA!

Physical manifestation of heartbreak and despair SNAKE FERVOR!

Otherworldly translator of one dark dream into another TOM BAKER!



DARE you dream deeply with us…? Dare you NOT?


Also, EXCITING developments in the offing…  w a t c h   t h i s   s p a c e . . .

~ by benjaminlouche on April 8, 2013.

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