Drown in the spectacle of dream…

The somnambulant and the waking are rendered indistinguishable from one another yet again as The Double R Club returns…

The Double R Club, 21st March, 2013

Worrying the frayed edges of your minds on the evening in question will be the bestial and untamed Jon Hicks, the lovely and lachrymose Torchsong Tilly G, the choreographic and convulsive Figs In Wigs, the intensely inflammatory Red Sarah, eiruaL negaH drawkcab yllufrednow eht, the tongue-some and twisted Ernesto Sarezale, the doomed and nightmarish Hellen Degenerate & Randolph Hott, and the creature beyond all imagination that is Marnie Scarlet

W e ‘ l l   s e e   y o u   i n   y o u r   s l e e p . . .

~ by benjaminlouche on March 13, 2013.

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