In dreams, I walk… #3

Another in a continuing series of the nocturnal ramblings of the aberrant subconsciousness of Louche…

Nuts and bolts

I was standing in a kitchen, not my own, but not belonging to anyone I knew either. The plughole was open and dark, perhaps containing an American style garbage disposal. Inside the plughole however were a glut of metal hinges, nuts and bolts. I began to remove these foreign objects from the plughole. Very soon I had more of them in my hand than I could hold and so I began to place them in my mouth. Still there were more and more of them to remove from the sink. Very soon my mouth was full.

I woke up actually choking on what felt, even in the waking world, like a metal bolt; for a number of seconds the dream and reality geuinely seemed to share the same space.

The dream made me think of this track from Throbbing Gristle (apologies but I couldn’t work out how to embed the track and it’s not on youtube)…

“I got the spoon, I took the mouthpiece off the spoon and swallowed the handle; and the wire of the bed, hospital bed, I pulled it off, about forty pieces of wire and get a drink of water and, as you swallow it, you have a drink, but you’re sick. It might be half an hour, it might be an hour before you can get each article down. But, perseverence, I’ve always seemed to have the perseverence to do it… “

~ by benjaminlouche on January 24, 2013.

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