Three Years of Fears, Tears and D e e p D r e a m i n g . . .

“It is happening again…” and this time it’s our  T H I R D   B I R T H D A Y . . .

I know, we’re not sure how that happened either.

For you, our neighbours, on the night, will be:

A **FREE** Party Bag for the first 30 customers

A **FREE** Birthday present for the first 100 customers

PLUS **FREE** Double R Birthday cake (while stocks last!)

The LAST few pre-show tickets reside HERE… Very LIMITED tickets will be available on the door…

AND conjured for you, out of the deep and the dark, will be the sublime ‘othernesses’ of:

. . .

LLIO MILLWARD ~ Will dredge up deep and dreamless sounds to beguile, bewitch and disquiet…

SCOTTEE ~ Conjures dark and ravenous horrors from the deepest oceans of your dreams!

EMERALD FONTAINE ~ Will pull you into her car crash catastrophe and die, right in front of you…

SNAKE FERVOR ~ Lives in fire! Writhes in flame! Thrives in a spectacle of heat and immolation!

CAT ACLYSMIC ~ Will eat us alive, spit us out and cast us all aside like yesterday’s news!

CARIAD LLOYD ~ Mother from whom sprang the darkness and mystery that is David Lynch speaks!

MARNIE SCARLET ~ A dead Hollywood star manifests before us to tell a tale of mystery and tragedy…

WALTER ~ Beware: “a very sick and dangerous man”! But is he bad to the bone? And can a man change?

. . .

THE DOUBLE R CLUB is waiting for you… every time you close your eyes… So, why wake? Why not just let yourself FALL into  d a r k n e s s   a n d   m y s t e r y . . . ?

~ by benjaminlouche on September 12, 2012.

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