Louche With Kazoond

On the 12th June, 2012, let it be known that I did ‘appear’ onstage with Nurse With Wound, at Koko, Camden; supporting Sunn O))).

Had a fucking  w h a l e  of a time too.

“How on earth did it come about,” I hear you ask, “that a made-up fool and gadabout cabaret ponce such as yourself, appeared alongside one of the greatest experimental groups of the last 30 years?” How indeed…

It came about, neighbours, due to my long-standing friendship and association with that musical miscreant, perverse troubadour and Jeremy Clarkson of the avant garde, Laird Andrew Liles. In another life, myself and Rose Thorne (as we were not back then) gave Liles his first ever live break at RECTIVE, a noise club we used to run, and he has been unable to shake us off ever since. Andrew is now a member of Nurse With Wound (or ‘Nurse’, or NWW, or, apparently to some, ‘Nursie’) and when asked by founder member Steven Stapelton, who he might know in London to fill the semi-regular space they have in their live shows for a vocalist to speak/spout some form of absurdity, he gave him my name… and the rest, as they say, is hysterectomy.

The text I used was a mish-mash of things I’d written in the past, a poem here, a section of an old one-man show I performed years ago there, a bit of newly penned material, a strange version of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ my dad taught me, even a bastardised quote from Harold Pinter, together with improvised meanderings and non sequiturs that seemed (in)appropriate at the time; the kazoo interludes were suggested by Liles.

A HUGE thank you to Nurse With Wound: Steven Stapelton, Colin Potter, Laird Liles and James Blackshaw (seen below) it was a genuine honour to take part… I am now taking bookings to front U2 and/or Coldplay; I think they NEED me. Well, it’s either me they need, or rapid and merciless extermination; but I digress…

(ALL photos by Carsten Cyberbio)

~ by benjaminlouche on June 23, 2012.

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