A THIRD Gathering of Angels…

Yes, neighbours, Twin-Peakers, backwards speakers and one-armed shoe salesmen, it’s THAT time again:
The Double R Club presents
In our FINAL show before our summer ‘disappearance’, we give you a beauty contest from another place, a tournament between the beauteous and the bestial, the feminine and the feral, all played out in a world of dreams, where we shall crown Miss Twin Peaks 2012!
On Thursday June 21st, we will be choosing our new queens, Miss Sparkwood, Miss Ghostwood and Miss Twin Peaks. With a judging panel made up of previous queens and other depraved dream-selves, including Dickie Beau and Miss Miranda, will you agree with their decision…?
Competing to be crowned on the 21st will be the beauteous and sensual horror of SABRINA SWEEPSTEAKS, lip-smacking whip cracker DIVA HOLLYWOOD, MYRA DUBOIS will be hearing voices, JOSEPHINE SHAKER will be falling prey to St. Vitus dance, MISS AMELIA will twist time itself, TRIXIE TASSELLS will tumble into derangement, MISS EMERALD CITY isn’t in Kansas anymore and LEAH DEBRINCAT will cut your hearts into little black pieces…
After SELLING OUT last month, tickets are going faster than a jackrabbit on a hot-plate! So get yours  N O W  here!
Plus, DON’T FORGET that this is the month there is no game! Instead we encourage you all to dress up as your favourite Lynch character, movie, song, image, mood or object in our Lynchian Fancy Dress Competition; only TEN of you will receive a special blue roses from Miss Rose Thorne before the show starts, and when the time comes, you will be invited on stage to win… SUCH PRIZES… After last year’s CONTROVERSIAL winning decision, can Rose win back the crowd…?
W E ‘ L L   S E E   Y O U   I N   T H E   T R E E S . . .

~ by benjaminlouche on June 12, 2012.

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