“That initial burst of success is like a huge flame…”

A   F e w   W o r d s   O n   W i n n i n g

When The Double R Club was longlisted for a London Cabaret Award, for ‘Best Ongoing Production’, Rose Thorne and I were delighted. When we were shortlisted we were shocked and delighted. When we won… well… HOLY FUCK:

A   F e w   W o r d s   O n   J u s t   H o w  A n d   W h y ,   I n   T h e   N a m e   O f   A l l
T h a t   I s  ( U n ) H o l y ,   W e   D i d   I t .

It’s so strange, because when we started The Double R, we really had no idea whether a night of cabaret and burlesque that wasn’t just wall-to-wall smiles and frivolity would work, or whether anyone would be interested in watching it. We ummed and ahhed over the idea for quite some time until one night we found ourselves at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, with it’s wood-panelling, air of faded glamour and dark, dream-like ambiance, we knew that if ever we staged a Lynchian cabaret night, it would have to be there, it was just too perfect. Still there was umming and ahhing, perhaps even the odd hmmm…

Then one night at the now defunct Tournament Of Tease, we saw an act by Emerald Fontaine (now the ‘Princess Of The Double R’), a  s e a r i n g l y  slow and sexy strip to a mixture of Chris Isaak and The Pink Room from Fire Walk With Me, and we knew The Double R  h a d  to happen.

I’d never compèred before, so there was that mountain to climb, as well as the look and feel of the night to settle on, but the logistics of setting up the infrastructure and methodology of a new venture fell, to a large extent, to the amazing Miss Rose Thorne. As if I’ve often said, without her, it really would just be me shouting obscenities in a darkened room (which admittedly is how I spend the rest of the month).

We’ve both worked very hard at it, but have also been very lucky with the performers that have worked with us (included in their number veritable cabaret royalty, and not a few other London Cabaret Award Winners too) often creating acts just for us. Warren and Charlotte at BGWMC have been nothing but supportive from the start, our technical bods, from the lavishly-tooled Balthazar DeVille, through the fabulous Honey Wilde, to the veritable rock and suave-as-fuck Nathan Evans have been incredible; all our 52 card pick-up girls “freshly scented from the perfume counter at Horne’s Department Store” have gone above and beyond the call of duty. And last but by no means least, our audiences have been loyal, engaged and quite simply ‘up for it’, whatever it was that we decided ‘it’ would entail, however dark and strange and however often and hard we threw it in their faces.

To all the above, a  h u g e   T H A N K   Y O U .

~ by benjaminlouche on March 10, 2012.

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