“I’m convinced we all are voyeurs… We want to know secrets and we want to know what goes on behind those windows…”

Crazy clowns and disembodied sprits flaunting their ‘otherness’ and revealing their secrets on the night in question will be:

Anil Desai   Watch this mystery man crawl out from celluloid dreams, bring the fictive to life, make the unreal all too real…

Crimson Skye    The unhinged antics of this luscious lunatic will make psychopathia sexualis look like the teddy bear’s picnic!

Missy Fatale   Through the darkness of future’s past, this scorching siren reaches into your dreams with hands aflame!

Nathan Dean Williams   Trapped within a fearful mystery, can this rabbit escape from a world of certain violence?

Nara Queen of the Night   A voice from the very depths of your dreams, this nightingale will drown you in darkness…

Heavy Metal Pete & Lydia Darling   Killer and victim, joined forever in shadow and flame!  

Sarah Angliss   Teases from the air itself the magical and mysterious music that hides within! Sounds to dream by…

Honey Wilde   Lost lovely looks for love in hell and finds the fires weird at heart and Wilde on top!

R E M E M B E R , the last Double R Club  S O L D   O U T , so get your tickets HERE quick-smart, or be doomed to roam forever the dreamless corridors of the dull, the hallways of the dispossessed…

~ by benjaminlouche on February 7, 2012.

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