“…just for a moment there was an opening to another world…”

It is happening (yet) again…

Mere DAYS remain before the first Double R Club of 2012, and it’s looking to be a MIGHTY return indeed…

Cavorting hauntingly, parading their otherworldliness on the 19th will be… MISS AMELIA, who will contract time itself and tell a tale at breakneck speed that may well break your very heart… RANDOLPH HOTT, who manifests as a certain FBI agent, fit as a flea, undressed and unabashed; and all to catch a killer… NANDO MESSIAS, who proves that sometimes those that walk a different path, walk in fire, and that some would have them burn forever… MARNIE SCARLET steps through the curtain separating this world from another, an apparition to beguile and terrify! MR. PUSTRA resurrects a legendary dancer, actress, writer and whore and wrestles with blindness and masochism! SABRINA SWEEPSTAKES jetés into the uncanny valley, a faceless and forlorn facsimile of female faultlessness! CHRIS LYNAM, caretaker of the chaotic, dauphin of the deranged, erratic emissary of all that is madness cuts loose! EAST END CABARET, those gin-soaked sirens, serenade your deepest, darkest parts, singing you towards climax and moral decay…

This is looking to be a SOLD OUT event, so to get your fix of cabaret’s answer to ‘another place’, the club shortlisted for a London Cabaret Award, hosted by my ‘good’ self (also somehow shortlisted for a London Cabaret Award!) then you’d best buy your tickets

Y E S T E R D A Y . . .

~ by benjaminlouche on January 17, 2012.

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