ria eht ni cisum syawla s’ereht dna gnos ytterp a gnis sdrib eht morf er’ew erehw

There is a little man who MOVES,
To the music of the spheres,
Epileptic and spasmodic,
To the rhythm of your fears

As he does the hot shoe shuffle,
Over zigzags, through the screams,
You will feel your body start to move,
Your blood tear at the seams

You will twitch and you will shimmy,
You will shake to your damnation,
As he speaks in backwards tongues,
This little man, this amputation

He is known as The Man From Another Place,
To others, simply HIM,
The dreaming dancer, the dwarf, the arm,
Some call him THE PHANTOM LIMB…

– © MB 2011

~ by benjaminlouche on December 15, 2011.

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