I Touch A Red Button

Animation by David Lynch, music by Interpol (originally made to be shown during their live appearance at this year’s Coachella festival). Watch the film and read full description given by the band here.

Maybe it’s just me but the I Touch A Red Button Man looks a little like the ‘Bum‘ character from Mulholland Drive, but then maybe that’s just the nose… and the dark,  d a r k  stare… Whatever he is, he seems most excited and insistent on the touching of that button, what he thinks it might achieve, or what, perhaps to his exasperation, it fails to achieve despite his frenzied pushing, is anyone’s guess, but it seems clear that the more buttons you push, the more will appear that must also be pushed…

~ by benjaminlouche on July 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “I Touch A Red Button”

  1. Like it, makes me wish Interpol were even vaguely tolerable.

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