“Local legend, goes way back…”

Yes it’s true! A Twin Peaks video game! And it’s FREE!

Entitled Black Lodge, it’s made in the style of an Atari 2600 game from the late 70s / early 80s (oddly, long before Twin Peaks itself was even broadcast) and even comes with design for its cover and game cartridge (young people, ask your parents):

Beginning in the waiting room, the game starts by serenading you with a bleepy version of ‘Sycamore Trees’, replete with a pixellated ‘Little’ Jimmy Scott and Man From Another Place, watching silently from his armchair…

You play the part, of course, of intrepid Agent Cooper lost in the Black Lodge and pursued doggedly by his evil doppelgänger.

Various characters from the series appear,  Leland, Laura, BOB etc. as you flee from room to room, sometimes reciting well-known lines in an unnerving  Stephen Hawking-like voice, such as

Leland: “I did not kill anybody”


Laura: “Meanwhile…”

Though the Cooper quote when it’s Game Over I shan’t spoil…

You amass points with every room successfully traversed, and lose points for every character or obstacle you touch. Bumping into Leland will bounce you backwards, perhaps into the arms of your doppelgänger, and Laura will scream at you and attempt to disorientate you, turning left to right and up to down, in order that the ‘other’ Dale catches you up; some rooms strobe veritiginously, and then of course there are the flying chairs…

Should your doppelgänger indeed catch you, you will lose a life (you have 3) and be transported to the ‘Den Of Souls’, where the owls are always flying, and where BOB will attempt to merge with your doppelgänger. If he succeeds the game is over but in order to stop him, you are able to shoot green rays from your ring, rays which, if they strike one of the many owls, could cause it to fall out of the air and strike either your doppelgänger or Killer BOB; do this and you’ll be taken back to the lodge to continue your escape attempt. FAIL to do this and it’s Game Over and you are trapped in the lodge forever…

It’s actually fiendishly difficult (as all games seemed to be back then) but is really quite a lot of fun. Rumour has it that there’s a surprise to be had when (if!) you reach 5000 points but to be honest that’s well beyond my abilities and though the manual hints that there may even be the possibility of outright escape… well… I doubt I’ll ever see it; if left up to me I think the good Dale had better get used to zigzags and red curtains as he’s going to be seeing a great deal more of them…

Download FREE here (PC) or here (MAC)

Special Agent Dale Cooper





The Man From Another Place

‘Little’ Jimmy Scott

~ by benjaminlouche on July 6, 2011.

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