A Gathering of Angels…

Heralding the imminence of The Double R Club‘s 2nd annual MISS TWIN PEAKS CONTEST!

Just DAYS remain until the FINAL DOUBLE R CLUB before our summer
‘disappearance’ and eventual ‘rebirth’ in September…

Fill those long summer days with DARK DREAMS of THE 2ND ANNUAL MISS TWIN PEAKS CONTEST, Thursday 16th June, at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club!

WARNING: this event WILL sell out, so buy your tickets HERE!
Appearing at this “GATHERING OF ANGELS,” and competing for this coveted
title, will be the beauteous and nefarious dream-selves of…

FANCY CHANCE ~ Zygotic mystery becomes embryonic insanity, becomes foetal
dread, becomes a bouncing baby nightmare…

DICKIE BEAU ~ Falls headlong into darkness and tragedy… Neighbours, I don’t
think we’re in Kansas anymore…

JULEE CRUISE-SHIP ~ Cabaret luminary presents a mysterious and alarming
doppelgänger… Falling Into The Night… going Up In Flames…

LADY ANE ANGEL ~ Flammable femme fatale scorches your very souls! This red
hot siren has flames in her veins…

MISS HP LOVEBOX ~ Eldritch horror from the deep is ready to pop, and when
these waters break… surf’s up!

COCO MALONE ~ If voices had wings this songstress could sing you to your
rest, whether in heaven… or hell…

TRAUMATA ~ In a nameless city deluged by a continuous rain… a rabbit lives
with a fearful, bloody mystery…

MISS MIRANDA ~ Leo ‘s homecoming brings back terrifying memories which melt
into a tease to tempt the catatonic!

DOMINO BURLESK ~ Waldo lives! See the secret, sexy life of the doomed myna
bird brought vividly to life!


PLUS there will be a LYNCHIAN FANCY DRESS competition, where you, yes YOU, could win FANTASTIC prizes! Come dressed as your favourite Lynch character, film, scene, idea, feeling, ANYTHING; use your imaginations, dive deeper for the really big fish…

Last year we had a Rabbit from Inland Empire, the nightmarish apparition behind Winkies from Mulholland Drive, a Benjamin Louche clone, a Dick Tremayne from Twin Peaks and many more bizarre and otherworldly  creations besides… What will YOU be wearing?

And  remember, this will be the LAST Double R Club until September!

This is one night out you CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS. Your dreams would never forgive you…


~ by benjaminlouche on June 11, 2011.

One Response to “A Gathering of Angels…”

  1. This event was entirely unhinged and wonderful – masterfully woven together by Mr. Louche. I am now a fully fledged Double R devotee!

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