“I’m not a musician, but I play music.”

And so the all new bells and whistles DavidLynch.com is finally with us!

To quote Lynch himself:

“David Lynch Music Company is a self interacting sound manipular and transmission elaboration utilizing electrical machines and large conduits to ears of human beings and thereby their primary auditory cortex in order to conjure the expansion of unlimited energetic dreams of emotional and intellectual character like bees happy in their scientific work.”

There’s a whole host of hitherto unreleased stuff to purchase, offered (thankfully) in both MP3 and ‘lossless’ formats; and if you choose the lossless you get the MP3s too!

The site itself demanded a browser upgrade, which was a little irksome, but once I gained access I could see why, animated pictures and footage covers the whole screen as music plays and as you navigate the (somewhat confusing at first) pages and information; but the music itself?

‘Deer Meadow Shuffle’ is a long-awaited and welcome addition to the soundtrack of Fire Walk With Me, and different instrumental versions of ‘Falling’ and ‘Just You’ from Twin Peaks are a very happy surprise too.

There are several new tracks from Inland Empire, which drone and orchestrate nicely along, plaintive and foreboding; o and there’s ‘Polish Night Music’ and ‘The Air Is On Fire’ for those who don’t have them…

But perhaps the most exciting are Lynch’s own never heard musical experiments he refers to as “modern blues” such as ‘Girl On The Street’, ‘Blurred Dancer Music’ and ‘Kitchen Blues’, which echo his earlier works such as ‘Ghost Of Love’, ‘Imaginary Girl’ etc.; o, and finally the incredible ‘Speed Roadster’ is available!

A full Thought Gang album is promised, as well as a Lynch / Badalamenti “noir avant-jazz” album, so there’s still much to look forward to but what this says about the prospects for a new Lynch film project is anyone’s guess. Does Lynch.com becoming a specifically music based site show a definite move away from film making? If not, then what site would carry info on such projects? And what of Lynch’s other visual interests? Does a film maker need a website? Ah, question upon question, mystery upon mystery…

~ by benjaminlouche on March 22, 2011.

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