That music you like is going to come back in style…

Unreleased music from Twin Peaks?! Well, yes and no. As far as I can gather this is music stripped from the DVDs and electronically processed to remove any dialogue and/or extraneous sound (some with more aplomb than others) and to leave just the music. Often one of these tracks seems to be made up of several tiny sections culled from episodes.  At times some of  the processing has marred the result but from time to time real gems emerge, such as the cooler than cool Freshly Squeezed (bass clarinet version), the deeply unsettling montage of Cooper Shot, or the light and amusing Dick Tremayne’s Swing.

Whether these will ever be released properly (and obviously cleaner and more… legitimately) is open to question but in the meantime, neighbours,  give yourselves a present, listen, and dream yourselves back into a world where a yellow light means slow down, not speed up…

~ by benjaminlouche on February 15, 2011.

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