Musics to listen to in your sleep…

The following tracks are from the forthcoming Unsong album ‘A BLUE ROSE FOR BLACK BOB’, a collection of Lynchian musics fished from the deepest river of your dreams…

All tracks are inspired by the work of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti; however, NO Lynch films or Badalamenti soundtracks were sampled to make this recording, nor do any of these tracks exhibit any conspicuous musical technique or talent.

Created for sale at, play at, and use in promotional material for, The Double R Club; how many neighbours will be interested in purchasing a copy next year when they become available remains to be seen…

‘I LOVE YOU IN FIRE’ (appearing on the showreel for this year’s Twin Peaks UK Festival!)




~ by benjaminlouche on December 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Musics to listen to in your sleep…”

  1. Love it!
    Will these be avaliable at the 20th January performance?

  2. Glad you like ’em… Um, doubtful the album will be done by January, but hopefully by the February show…

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