He knows…

As announced extra early by Catherine Coulson at the Twin Peaks Festival, new musics from David Lynch!

‘I Know’ is, in fact, the B-side, chiefly because I can’t stand the A-side ‘Good Day Today’, not as you might imagine because of its chirpy upbeat title but because, I’m afraid, it really is just dodgy dance music with a couple of nice sound effects thrown in (but I’m sure you don’t want to hear my diatribe against the culturally corrosive and homogenising plague that is dance music). Shame, but you can’t like everything an artist does, and I think ‘I Know’ more than makes up for it, landing very much in the region of ‘Ghosts Of Love’, ‘Speed Roadster’ and the like, with its erie, detuned vocals and electronic, ethereal beats.

Apparently the relaunch of davidlynch.com (early next year?) will be mostly concerned with music, so I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for the Thought Gang album; though why he’s not even hinting at working towards being even within spitting distance of a new film is a worry…

Audio interview with Lynch HERE.

~ by benjaminlouche on December 3, 2010.

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