The Bookhouse Boys & Girls AGM, 2010

And so the first  E V E R  UK Twin Peaks Festival is dead, done, dusted, wrapped in plastic and sent floating off on the deepest river of our dreams…

The Double R Club‘s contributions to the day seemed to go over well and the Twin Peakers, backwards speakers, loggers, Black Lodgers, Special Agents and one-armed shoe salesmen applauded in the right places, made lots of noise when required, and one young lady even told me that I scared the hell out of her; which is  a l w a y s  nice to hear. Lydia Darling’s doppelgänger Laura act I think was something akin to picking  up the entire (capacity) crowd and shaking them til their noses bled; VJ Spankie’s violin rendition of  Badalamenti’s ‘Falling’ -performed blue-faced and wrapped in plastic- was as beautifully eerie as it was hypnotic; Miss Miranda’s Laura Palmer strip was as arousing as it was alarming -the coffee mixture that dribbled out of her mouth at the end looking not unlike thick, black blood;  Tallulah Mockingbird’s log lady routine was, as ever, incredible, sexy, absurd and very funny; and finally, Heavy Metal Pete’s BOB  fire act was genuinely unsettling, particularly for a crowd who’ve probably been having nightmares about that character their whole adult lives.

Catherine Coulson (the Log Lady!) and Charlotte Stewart (Betty Briggs -and Mary X from Eraserhead!) were so unbelievably friendly and nice to everyone, the former complementing Tallulah Mockingbird on her Log Lady act and telling her she had “lovely breasts”; and then signing her prop log!

Full .flickr set from SoulStealer here!

Miss Rose Thorne, serving immaculately as our 52 Card Pick Up Girl for the day (the Queen of Diamonds, freshly scented from the perfume counter of Horne’s department store) gave Coulson one of her homemade log brooches and received back this card:

I’ve of course been a fan of the musical collaborations between Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch and Julee Cruise for  y e a r s , but who knew that Cruise would be such an authentically ‘Lynchian’ character in the flesh? In conversation she was… in “another place” and when singing she seemed to work herself up into a state of near psychic collapse. When asked where she ‘went’ while performing, what she thought about, she replied “I think about my dogs.” Ok then… Perhaps she might even picture Toto, from The Wizard of Oz

Miss Thorne, for her help in getting the festival to happen, was presented, by lovely organisers Lindsey and Helen, with a ‘definitive gold box edition’ of Twin Peaks… signed by Kyle Maclachlan! 
There were oodles of donuts, David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee on sale and all manner of merchandise including official UK Twin Peaks Festival t-shirts, badges, pens, stickers, half-heart necklaces, you name it! I managed to pick up a Bookhouse Boys patch, which geekily I’ve been after for  y e a r s . NO idea what I’ll do with it now I have one, but still… 

The whole event was filmed by the inestimable “Magic” Will Scothern and will no doubt be ‘appearing’ as if from  n o w h e r e  at some time in the near future… O, and at the end of the day The Double R team won the Twin Peaks quiz and were each presented by REAL logs signed by The Log Lady!

It was great to see episodes on the big screen, in all their Gold Edition remastered glory, to meet 
r e a l  cast members, and just… well… to be part of it, to be part of celebrating something that has had such a huge effect on all our lives. 

M A S S I V E  kudos goes to organisers Lindsey and Helen. It was a fantastic day created by fans, for fans, and as it was sold out, hopefully it will return to plague our dreams next year…

Oh, and Catherine Coulson took away a Double R Club flyer, 

T O   G I V E   T O   D A V I D   L Y N C H .

(no,  r e a l l y )

~ by benjaminlouche on December 2, 2010.

One Response to “The Bookhouse Boys & Girls AGM, 2010”

  1. It was a fantastic day, and you really DID scare the hell out of me!
    Congratulatins on winning the quiz – wish I culd have stuck around for it.

    Can’t wait for the show in January. I’ve already got a crowd together to come with!

    Stay suave!

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