Views from “another place”

Echoes of an ‘occurrance’ on the Isle of Wight…

(Benjamin Louche, photo by Jim Paterson)

(Rose Thorne, photo by Jim Paterson)
 (Sienna Lately, photo by Jim Paterson)

(Emerald Fontaine, photo by Jim Paterson)

(Fancy Chance, photo by Sean Mooney)

(Benjamin Louche, photo by Sean Mooney)

Many, many thanks to all involved in getting our bad selves all the way to Bestival, not least the frankly  a b s u r d l y  wonderful Zoe Fletcher of Time For Tease.

O, and to Red Funnel ferries: FUCK YOU, you incompetent bunch of arseholes; a word to the wise, NEVER travel with them.

~ by benjaminlouche on September 15, 2010.

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